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11 Best CouchTuner Alternatives to Watch Free Movies



What is CouchTuner and it's Alternatives

There is no one on the earth who when getting tired wants to kick back to the sofa and watch their favorite online TV shows and movies. Watching movies and TV shows are the best ways to make yourself fresh after hours of work.

As online streaming is getting famous day by day, people are getting subscriptions of Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu. But you don’t want to go with them and looking for other free as well as paid streaming services.

Then the best one is CouchTuner which is free of complexities and user-friendly interface. My Couchtuner is all in one package with your all-time favorite TV shows, movies, dramas, and a lot more in one place.

The homepage is very friendly with easy to navigate and search for your favorite show or movie. The layout is almost the same as Netflix. The best thing about My CouchTuner is that it is free and can easily be accessed around the world except for a few regions.

What if you are living in a region where it is not present? Then you can check out the Couchtuner unblocker or can read our complete article on 11 Best CouchTuner Alternatives.

These CouchTuner alternatives are free and easily accessible around the world. But before moving to alternatives we should know what is CouchTuner, how it works, and is it safe to use or not?

What is CouchTuner?

What is CouchTuner and How it Works - CouchTuner Alternatives

CouchTuner is an online streaming and TV shows site where you can watch your favorite TV series without any interruption. On Couchtuner you can watch the content of The CW, HBO, Warner Bros, Turner, CNN, DC Comics, and other major film studios industries.

There are many options on the menu of Couchtuner’s homepage such as New releases, Tv show lists, Movies, Trending Shows, and All-time favorites. If you couldn’t find the desired show on the homepage then you can use the feature of search TV shows.

As we have mentioned above that Couchtuner is free and you don’t have to pay any fee to watch the movies or shows. The reason behind this is that they don’t host the content on their server but use an interface that fetches content from third-party providers.

How CouchTuner Works?

The working of Couchtuner is very simple, you can simply search for your favorite movie or TV show in the search bar or if it is listed on the homepage it will save your time.

What is the best thing that I love about my couchtuner eu is that they have almost all kinds of movies and TV shows that we can think of. It is quite disappointing that why people are not trying it out and going to Netflix which is totally paid. We recommend you to try Couchtuner once.

Is It Safe to Use?

If Couchtuner is not available in your region or blocked then there are only two possible ways to access it. The first method is you should use a VPN. But it is a risky method as you after using a VPN your system will be open to hackers and they can easily crack your system.

The second method is to go with CouchTuner Alternatives which are also free and most of them are easily accessible. The reason behind the block of Couchtuner is copyrighted content which film studios and TV shows companies don’t like to be displayed on other websites.

So the best method is to go for the CouchTuner Alternatives. There are many but we have discussed here the Top 11 CouchTuner Free Alternatives which can solve all of your problems.

Top 11 Best Alternatives to CouchTuner

1 SolarMoviesFree & Secure
2 WatchSeriesFree & Secure
3 PopcornflixFree & Secure
4 PutLockerFree & Secure
5 New EpisodesFree & Secure
6 XfinityFree & Secure
7 Just WatchFree & Secure
8 PrimewireFree & Secure
9 MoviewatcherFree & Secure
10 AZ MoviesFree & Secure
11 Cafe MovieFree & Secure

11 Best CouchTuner Alternatives 2020

As now you know much about CouchTuner, how it works, and is it safe to use with or without a VPN. We will share the Best 11 CouchTuner Alternatives which can make the work easy and you don’t need to install a VPN. These CouchTuner Free Alternatives will blow your mind as they are free and with tons of movies and TV shows free. So scroll down and find your favorite one from the list.

1. SolarMovies

SolarMovies - Best CouchTuner Free Alternatives

SolarMovies one of the most famous and widely used Couchtuner alternatives worldwide. The site is getting famous due to its wide range of streaming movies and TV shows that are uploading on regular basis.

The user-interface is perfectly designed which makes it a piece of cake to find your favorite movie or a TV show. The second best thing about SolarMovies is that you can register and can give ratings to the movies and shows. You can also save your favorite content to watch it later which is a plus point.

If you can’t find a movie or a show which is not possible but still you have the right to submit a request for TV shows or movies that you would love to watch. They will add it soon for you.

The pros of using Solarmovies is that it is totally free and you will not be asked to give any personal details. The cons of it is that they don’t save any movie on their server and provide the link of a third-party provider to watch content.

2. Watch Series

Watch Series - Best CouchTuner Free Alternatives

Watch Series the second most famous CouchTuner Alternative where you can not only enjoy movies or TV shows but also dramas. You can also watch anime series there with endless counts.

Watch Series is providing the countless number of series, movies, dramas, and anime series. The user interface is well designed which means you can easily search for your favorite content.

Without registration, you can comment on any movie, show, or series. But to get all features you have to register yourself so you can subscribe and get notification of your favorite show.

In addition to movies, you can also watch TV Shows, Japanese anime, and Asian dramas in one place. All available content is in high quality and in English or you can also watch it with English subtitles.

Watch Series is the best CouchTuner Alternative which is totally free so enjoy it today.

3. Popcornflix

Popcornflix - Best CouchTuner Free Alternatives

Third, on our 11 CouchTuner Alternatives list is Popcornflix which is more advance than any other free alternative. It has a web-based as well as a mobile application which is a good addition.

The mobile application is available for both Android as well as iOS users. It means you can enjoy any movie or TV Show anytime from around the world on your mobile.

Another good thing about Popcornflix is that they don’t show many ads so you can enjoy the movies or shows without any disturbance. The structure of Popcornflix is based on the genres. It means you have to select the genre and your favorite shows will come up in a list.

4. PutLocker

PutLocker - Best CouchTuner Free Alternatives

PutLocker is the fourth most famous streaming movie site which was viral in the news more than any other site. But you don’t need to worry as it is a totally legal site and people are giving positive 5-star reviews to it.

PutLocker is also a free streaming site in which you can watch TV Shows and movies of your choice. Due to its popularity, many bloggers try to defame it and drive its traffic to its own fake site. So we recommend you visit the only official site which is PutLocker.

It has a wide range of movies and TV shows. They don’t only have Hollywood movies but also have Japanese, Korea, Thailand, India, China, Taiwan, Hongkong, and many other countries’ content.

So enjoy your favorite movies or TV shows free on PutLocker – the best CouchTuner Alternative.

5. New Episodes

New Episodes - Best Couch Tuner Free Alternatives

The fifth and popular CouchTuner alternative is New Episodes. As the name gives an idea that new episodes are uploaded on a daily basis so you won’t miss any episode. They make the new episodes live after a few minutes when the new episode is live.

The homepage of New Episodes is quite simple and user-friendly which displays the current week’s new episodes. If you want old episodes you just have to search it in the search bar.

The TV shows and movies are sorted alphabetically so it will make it easy to find your favorite show. There is a forum where you can introduce yourself and interact with the old members.

6. Xfinity


On our list 6th, one is Xfinity which is a perfect website for those who are crazy of watching different genre movies. On Xfinity, there are a total of 20 genres to browse and you can enjoy it free of cost.

They don’t ask you to register yourself to download the movies or TV shows which is a good point for their users. Another good thing about this CouchTuner alternative is that they have a simple interface and easy to navigate the menu.

The number of ads is limited so you will not get tired from the ads. There is no popup ad content which means you can stream your favorite movie or TV show without any disturbance and free of cost.

Additionally, Xfinity has a news section where the latest news regarding upcoming movies and shows is displayed. All sections of the website are updated on daily basis with new content. So try it today!

7. Just Watch

Just Watch

Next on our list is Just Watch. From classic to action & adventure movies, Just watch has an endless collection of movies, TV shows, and dramas. It has the biggest database of movies and shows and is one of the best CouchTuner alternatives.

Just like the name, Just Watch is a top-notch platform with the oldest to the newest collection of movies and TV shows. The interface is quite simple and user-friendly where the latest shows are displayed on the homepage and old ones in the menu categories.

The best thing about this website is it is totally free so enjoy watching your favorite tv series, dramas, and movies. The library of the website is arranged in such a way that will catch anyone’s attention. It makes easy to find the desired content.

You can also sort the movies and shows alphabetically, random, TMDB popularity, and IMDB score.

8. Primewire


Primewire one of the most prominent and oldest streaming movies website that provides newly released movies and TV shows. Without paying the high prices of theatre you can just watch your favorite newly released movie on Primewire.

Primewire is providing the content in different resolutions so you can choose the one which best suits you. There is a rating system on mirrors of downloading the movies. Users give a rating to different mirrors so you can find the best one with a high rating.

The best part of this streaming movie website is that it is totally free which means you can enjoy high-quality movies without paying any fee. You don’t have to create an account to download the content. But we recommend you create an account and read the download guide to make it safe.

9. Moviewatcher


Moviewatcher is on the 9th number of the list which is a free CouchTuner Alternative with tons of movies and TV series. The website is well designed with easy to navigate the menu.

The website is structured in a perfect manner with 5 menu items including Genre, Years, Most popular, New movies, and TV series. You can find your favorite movie or TV series easily with the help of a search bar or menu items.

Moviewatcher has something for every person. They have a huge collection of old as well as newly released movies and shows. So don’t waste your time and go to Moviewatcher now.

10. AZ Movies

AZ Movies

Take the initiative of free streaming movies and TV shows to a new level with AZ Movies. The interface makes the users confuse and they think it is a paid streaming service. But it is totally free and will always be.

AZ Movies is currently running by a group of TV shows and movie enthusiasts whose goal is to bring love to the users for cinema. The interface is designed perfectly with each thing at its best place.

The menu includes All Movies, Featured, Genre, and Year. The movies are TV shows that are sorted in perfect order that makes it easy for their users to find any movie. On AZ Movies you can find even the 1915 movies which is just wow.

11. Cafe Movie

Cafe Movie

Last but not least of CouchTuner Alternatives is Cafe Movie which is a complete pack of movies and TV shows. No matter which genre you are looking for Cafe Movie has everything that a user wants.

It is the most popular streaming movie website due to its vast collection of movies and TV shows. The content is structured in perfect order that makes it easy for the user to find their favorite shows.

If you are a classic lover then this website has the biggest collection of classic movies as well. You can watch your old is gold content in one place. There are not only movies in the English language but also available in different languages.

So visit Cafe Movie today and watch your favorite movie or TV shows.

Bottom Line

Streaming movies and TV shows is not hard these days with the help of these CouchTuner Alternatives. All of the websites we have mentioned above are active and free to use.

Our team did two days’ research and then we finalized the list so that our visitors get the best thing from us as always. All websites have tons of movies, dramas, TV shows, and anime series so that you will never find it difficult to get the favorite one.

We hope you will love the 11 Best CouchTuner Alternatives list and will find the best one which suits you. We need a small favor from your guys please leave a comment below and tell us is the list was helpful to you or not. Thanks 🙂


Why CouchTuner is Not Opening?

Because the CouchTuner is providing the movies, Domestic TV Dramas free of cost, the real owner of the movies who have all rights are giving the copyright strike to them. This is the reason why your ISP has closed CouchTuner in your area. But we have listed above the best alternatives of CouchTuner. You can watch movies on them easily.

Is CouchTuner Down?

Yes, it was down for some unknown reasons for a while but now it is available on another domain which you can check on top of this article. The possible reason which we understand is that ISP has blocked your access to the CouchTuner.

Are CouchTuner Alternatives Free?

Yes, all of the alternatives mentioned above are free and secure to use. You can access them freely and from anywhere around the world. You don’t have to pay a single penny for these services and can enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and dramas.

How to Access CouchTuner Using VPN?

You can access CouchTuner using a VPN. While purchasing a VPN, focus on its price, how many IPs are offered in the package, global footprints, security level, and privacy protection tires.

No matter which VPN service you will use, all VPN services have the same method of installation and usage. Follow the steps listed below:

  1. Create an Account on the official website.
  2. Now choose the desired plan and pay for that plan.
  3. After a successful transaction, you will get a download link that you can download and install on your Windows or iOS.
  4. Done, now you can connect securely to the VPN and access anything from anywhere.

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