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10 Home Improvements That Boost Your Homes Sales Price



With 40 million Americans moving each year, you know that there will be a market for your home if you decide to sell. But not every home upgrade yields top dollar. When you’re ready to invest money in updates before listing your home, make sure you choose the right ones.

Read on to learn about 10 home improvements that can boost your home’s sale price!

1. Upgraded Bathrooms

One of the home renovations that pays off the most is an updated bathroom. Dingy bathrooms with moldy tiles or stained sinks won’t help your house sell anytime soon. But tastefully updated bathrooms will look clean and inviting.

Consider swapping out fixtures, such as faucets and cabinet knobs, if you want to avoid gutting your master bath or powder room. When it comes to bathroom updates, a fresh coat of paint and a new mirror and toilet seat can go a long way, too.

For an ultimate upgrade, replace peeling viny flooring with a classy marble tile or modern vinyl plank. And if your bathtub looks like it’s been sitting around for decades, pay $500 to get it refinished. You’ll help homebuyers see your bathroom as a sanctuary rather than a future project.

2. A Modern HVAC System

No one wants to buy a home with an aging HVAC system. That’s because a new central AC unit can cost $5,000 or more. And a furnace isn’t far behind.

If your house is at the top of someone’s budget, they won’t want to know that they’ll instantly be pouring money into HVAC upgrades. You can remove that burden by doing the replacements before listing the home. Even better, you might be able to raise the asking price because of your efforts.

Invest in a more energy-efficient furnace, AC unit, or water heater. Doing so will help potential buyers feel good about the lower utility bills they’ll end up paying. And they’ll be able to trust that their HVAC system won’t face as many significant repairs since it’s new — and possibly still under warranty.

3. Updated Windows

Aging windows are difficult to raise and lower since the frames have warped from use. And old glass might be marred by cracks and chips that compromise its security. New windows, by contrast, offer a better-looking solution that will make providing fresh air a breeze.

And if you don’t have the budget to overhaul every window in your house, pick the ones most likely to be opened. Or pick the ones that let in the most light. For instance, you might want to add bay windows to highlight a family room with a stunning view of a backyard pond.

4. Fresh Garage Doors

Having a garage isn’t enough to distinguish your home from the rest of the houses for sale. But having a home with new garage doors is an advantage.

Do your current garage doors look old and weathered? And if they’re wood or composite doors, is the paint flaking off? These are reasons to upgrade to new steel doors.

Steel doors are durable and affordable. You can customize them to add windows or a finish that complements the aesthetic of your home. And new homeowners will love the fact that you don’t need to do much to maintain them.

5. A New Deck or Patio

While the inside of your home is critical to making the sale, the outside living space matters, too. If your deck looks dilapidated, repair and refresh it.

Nail down loose boards and add a coat of opaque stain. This will cover exposed wood and prevent it from rotting. It also will make the space look more inviting.

Likewise, powerwash an aging patio and repair any visible cracks. Pay to resurface an old patio as a cheaper way to breathe new life into it versus replacing it. A bold throw rug and a new table set can enhance the look of a patio, as well.

And if you don’t have an outdoor space, consider investing in a new one. A simple concrete patio might only set you back $1,000 or so. With some light landscaping around it, you’ll have a delightful outdoor sanctuary that any potential buyer will love.

6. Prettier Landscaping

Some new shrubs and mulch can do a lot to enhance your landscaping. You can soften the transition from your home’s foundation to the grass and create pops of color and texture. Plus the mulch will help keep the weeds at bay and add visual contrast.

You don’t have to break the bank to upgrade your home’s curb appeal, either. Mow your lawn regularly and apply treatment to keep away weeds and crabgrass. Put a wreath on your front door and introduce some tall grasses along the back edge of your property for more privacy.

Other landscaping solutions include adding potted plants to a front porch or some landscaping stones to define a flower bed. If you’re trying to sell your home in the summer, make sure you’re watering your grass, too. A lush and healthy lawn will make the house that sits on it look even better!

7. A Contemporary Kitchen

As you ponder possible home renovations, make sure your kitchen is on the to-do list. Even a kitchen that was updated ten years ago might look a little dated by today’s standards. Depending on your budget and comfort level, you can do a little or a lot to improve the marketability of this essential space in your home.

You can make good big visual upgrades without spending a lot. Swap out cabinet hardware and replace dated laminate floors with a wide-plank vinyl or tile, for instance. Paint shiny oak cabinets in a muted gray and paint the surrounding walls white for a fresh sense of style.

If your kitchen is small and cramped, you might be better off going with a bigger renovation. This could mean demolishing a wall to create a more open-concept living space. Or your might need to map out a new layout that allows for a central island and more functional space.

Just remember that any dollars you invest in a kitchen can pay off in the selling price. When in doubt, ask your real estate agent what an appropriate renovation investment might look like for your neighborhood.

8. A Finished Basement

A finished basement increases the usable square footage of your home. And it can offer the perfect setting for a game room, workout space, or den. Investing in an inviting downstairs space can give your home an advantage over comparable homes in the area, too.

If you already have a finished basement, spruce it up before agreeing to an open house. This can mean doing carpet cleaning or painting over old wood paneling. You also can replace dated fluorescent lights in favor of track lighting or other more attractive solutions.

While you’re at it, encapsulate your crawl space. You won’t need to pay much to seal off this area and make your home healthier. And you’ll end up with a more energy-efficient home with lower utility bills.

Think of the process as another part of basement waterproofing in that you’re creating a moisture-proof barrier. That means that moisture from the ground won’t work its way into your basement or higher up in the home. This prevents mold and moisture from invading your space!

9. A New Roof

An old roof is prone to leaking and it brings down the curb appeal of your home. That’s why it’s wise to spend money on roof repairs or a new roof before selling. When you see peeling shingles or bare areas, a roof installation professional can tell you if your roof is due for replacement.

A new roof also protects everything beneath it from potential leaks. A potential buyer will like hearing that they won’t need to make an upfront investment in new shingles. And they’ll feel better about leak resistance, especially if you live in an area with heavy springtime rainstorms.

10. A Functional Fireplace

Nothing adds figurative and literal warmth quite like a fireplace. If your home has one that’s been dormant, consider hiring a pro to get it working again — or install a new one. Potential homebuyers will love picturing themselves sitting around a cozy fire when the temperatures get colder!

Know that you’ll spend a few thousand dollars if you’re starting from scratch with a fireplace. And some of that cost will hinge on whether there are available venting options already in place.

For fireplace repairs, you’ll want to ensure that the masonry flue is in good shape. Otherwise, you would risk allowing carbon monoxide to spread indoors. Qualified pros can do the repairs and handle the carpentry to update the look of your fireplace and mantle.

Make the Best Home Improvements

When you’re choosing home improvements, don’t sink your money into choices that won’t hold broad appeal. Freshen up your bathrooms and kitchen to make an instant impact on a potential buyer. And invest in attractive landscaping, outdoor spaces, and fresh paint throughout your home to give it a facelift.

For more tips to improve your property, check back soon for new articles!

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