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10 Fashion Tips and Tricks To Look Taller



10 Fashion Tips and Tricks To Look Taller

A petite stature has its pros and cons. You always look adorable but simultaneously struggle to look taller. You need to choose your outfits carefully because it shows your relationship with height. It is not easy to gain height, but it is easy to look taller. You need to change your outfit styling. The choice of your clothes is a significant factor that decides your look. For example, you can use vertical striped pants instead of normal pants, which can surely enhance your look. There are several fashion tricks that you can choose to look taller.

10 Fashion Tips To Look Taller

1. Go for Crop Top

If you love to wear t-shirts and have petite stature, then you should try crop tops. They look great on small stature girls. You can pair them with slim denim jeans or ankle-length narrow pants. They are available in plenty of designs. You can try a ruffle sleeve, off the shoulder, or mock neck crop top for your self. Even printed crop tops also look better on small stature girls.

2. Style with High-Waist Pants

They are best if you have short legs because it offers a flattering style to your outfit. You must have at least one pair of high-waisted pants if you seriously love an elongated torso. They can easily make you look taller if you wear them properly. It can be paired with high heels and crop tops. The combination of high-waist pants and crop top is like a blessing for short girls.

3. Invest in Comfortable Heels

Heels are much popular among the girls with a petite stature. One of the best ways to look taller is to have high heels. And if you have skin color heels, then it is like a cherry on the cake. You can pair heels with most of your outfits, especially with the high-waisted jeans. You can get heels for all skin types for that you can take the help of online stores like Nykaa Fashion. You can use codes like Nykaa Fashion Coupons to get your things at an affordable price.

4. Buy Column Dress

The best option to look taller is to have a column dress. If you have petite stature, then a tailored piece of column dress is best for you. It will definitely help you to look a bit taller than usual. You can try them with high heels, which will surely add a sassy look to your appearance.

5. Play with Cardigans Or Shrugs

You can get a classy look by styling shrugs and cardigan in a unique manner. It depends on the size and designs you choose-for girls, with small stature a long, ankle-length cardigan is the best option. It creates an illusion of adding some inches to the height. Choose a simple monochromatic cardigan or shrug for a funky look.

6. Go for Monochromes

Wearing one color outfit is another best way to look taller from your usual appearance. The overall same color outfit works fine for short girls. You can choose jumpsuits or jeans, and tops of the same color-such dressing make your body frame look elongated. The column dressing is also somewhere similar to monochromatic dressing.

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7. Opt for Vertical Stripes

The best and simple way to look taller is to wear vertical striped pattern dresses. They help to create the illusion of adding some extra inches to your height. Even you can wear them for parties and small gatherings. You can pair them with high heels as well.

8. Look for Well Fitted Jackets

You should wear jackets that fit your stature because elongated jackets make your silhouette blurred. Try using crop, short, and small size jackets. Remember, if you have petite stature, then your jacket length should be up to the waist. Also, try folding sleeves in a trendy style to get a funky look. You can style your leather jacket in different ways to look sassy.

9. Team Right Bag with Your Outfit

People usually look for all accessories and ignore bags. Small stature girls need to take extra care of this also. You need to choose your bag wisely because it plays an important role in your overall look. Always try to go for a small size bag, check current fashion, and then decide. If you choose a medium and large bag, it may not work properly in support of your height.

10. Tailored Fit Dress is the Key

Girls usually buy their clothes online, which is great, but you need to get them tailored. A perfect fit cloth suits more on petite ladies. They promise to give a flattering look with the illusion of adding some inches to your height. It makes your torso look slimmer and taller, whereas loose outfits can make your torso look bulkier. Tailoring your clothes is the best way to get a taller and noticeable look.


Everyone wants to look modish, and it is simple. You can try in various ways. But for girls with petite stature, the options are a bit less. But you can always try something new with your stylings. Some basics like not to use wide belts or use contrasting outfits. You can do a lot with limited options. Try using our list to get some fashion tips to look taller and remember you look best with what you have.

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